as... as

as... as
مِثْل \ as: like: She was dressed as a boy. as... as: (in comparing two equal things): He’s as strong as a horse. He’s not as (or not so) all as I am. like: the same as: What is he like (in appearance and character)? He’s just like his father, in the same way as He swims like a fish. likewise: in the same way: Watch what he does, and do likewise. similar: like; seeming the same (but not exactly the same): His interests are similar to mine. such: of that kind: Animals such as sheep are easy to feed, because such animals eat grass. I’ve never heard such a noise before. There’s no such thing as a seven-legged horse. They call him Tim or Tom, or some such name.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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